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Elephantine adventures

3 Feb

Things that make me go hummm

Elephant watching in Lanka is quite amazing.  Amazing because the elephants are just there.

On the road,

in a roadside pond,

walking past a small village…

The fascination of seeing them. Being so close to so mighty a creature however remains.

As strong for the locals as it is for the tourists. In cars and auto-rickshaws people slow down and then come to a stop in their busy journeys. Spend a few minutes gazing in wonder before getting back to their tasks.

For the elephants, this human wonder and adoration is a normal part of life.

Casually a baby left his herd. Crossed the road. Unconcerned of the traffic. Checked out a small temple and the offerings left there. Selected his favourite sweets and fruits. Enjoying his snack.

Then full of the new sugar rush decided to chase our jeep. Heart pounding we sped away a short distance. Realising a minute later…

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